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Method of Instruction

The Vaganova Method

The Vaganova Method’s detailed and scientific approach to ballet training has produced some of the finest teachers, choreographers, and dancers in history. It is hailed around the world as the safest training program for classical ballet. We are proud to introduce this acclaimed training method to our students. Utilizing the Vaganova Method ensures that all students learn the the joy of dance in a manner is safe and nurturing according to their own physical development.

Kansas Ballet’s artistic directors have developed a successful, comprehensive ballet syllabus based on the internationally acclaimed Vaganova Method.

Utilizing their extensive professional experience as performers and instructors, the KBA staff have taken the very best elements of the Russian training method and tailored them to suit the specific needs of American students. Students graduate as strong, independent and highly motivated individuals. These attributes serve them well in any career path they choose to pursue.

Dancers trained using the Vaganova Method are currently found in principal positions in major ballet companies around the world, and many of the most famous names in dance history were trained using this method.

About Agrippina Vaganova

The Vaganova Method was developed in the late 1920’s and 1930’s by Agrippina Vaganova during her tenure as artistic director of the Kirov Ballet and director of the Leningrad Choreographic Academy. Vaganova redefined the Russian system of ballet instruction by combining elements of the rigorous Soviet style, the French ballet’s romantic lyricism, and the Italian ballet’s athleticism.

The method is known for its fluid arms, supple backs, beautiful upper bodies, and near perfect turnout. Vaganova dancers have high jumps, powerful turns, great flexibility, and unparalleled extension.